Sennheiser Presence Business

Sennheiser Presence Business is a compact Bluetooth headset designed for those who demand utmost audio quality wherever they go. This is the type of headset that can increase the workflow of professionals who travel often. Enjoy the comfort, performance, and convenience of Sennheiser Presence Business in your office, in your car, or outside. Find out why this Bluetooth headset is among the best in its class.


Sennheiser Presence Business Headset Brings A Lot Of Performance In A Compact Package

Maintaining a clear line of communication with your associates is a requirement that extends beyond your office space. When mobility is important, Sennheiser’s Presence Business series of headsets will provide you with the performance you need.


  • Multi Connectivity – Sennheiser Presence Business Bluetooth headsets allow the user to stay connected to several devices at the same time.
  • Superior Audio Quality – In order to fully ensure that your calls meet the highest standards of audio quality, Sennheiser installed three separate digital microphones in Presence Business headsets.
  • Intuitive Call Management – Presence Business headsets are inspired by simplicity and economy of motion. To answer or end the calls, all you have to do is extend or collapse the boom arm.
  • WindSafe Technology – Outside environmental factors such as the wind can cause quite a lot of interference. Sennheiser’s WindSafe technology eliminates the effects of wind, allowing you to enjoy a crystal clear conversation with your associates and peers.
  • SpeakFocus Technology – Sennheiser Presence Bluetooth headset features SpeakFocus technology that ensures your words will reach the other party no matter what. You don’t have to raise your voice or even repeat yourself.
  • Wearing Comfort – Designed as a low profile, mobile headset, Presence Business series comes with a variety of ear sleeves and ear hooks. For those who want to extend the range of applications for this headsets, there is also an optional headband.

Multi-Functional Bluetooth Headset That Will Keep You Connected In All Environments

Sennheiser Presence Business headsets come with a broad selection of wearing styles available. By giving you numerous ear hooks and ear sleeves to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a comfortable fit. If you want to extend the functionality of your Presence Business headset to your office, Sennheiser offers a headband as well. All you have to do is mount the headset to the headband, and you are ready to go.


Experience Impeccable Voice And Audio Quality With Sennheiser Presence Business Series

Audio quality becomes even more important as you step outside. The Wind and other environmental factors can reduce a conversation to unbearable levels. Thanks to Sennheiser’s WindSafe and SpeakFocus technologies, you can rest assured that whatever you say reaches the other party loud and clear. This is even more important when driving. Focusing on the road is paramount for your safety, which is why your Presence Business Bluetooth headset is designed to take care of the rest.


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