Sennheiser Presence UC

Sennheiser’s Presence UC Bluetooth headsets are designed for those who accept no compromises when it comes to staying connected. Experience ultimate comfort with this low profile, lightweight headset that offers crystal clear voice quality. Sennheiser Presence UC meets and exceeds even the most demanding requirements of the modern business world. Stay connected and be heard indoors, in your car or outside.


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Sennheiser Presence UC, Sennheiser Presence UC ML

Sennheiser Wireless Bluetooth Headset Presence Brings An Extensive Suite Of Features

Sennheiser’s need to create a highly mobile Bluetooth headset didn’t prevent them from implementing numerous cutting edge technologies into this design. Presence UC and Sennheiser Presence UC ML are created to meet the needs of a modern day mobile professional.


  • Multi Connectivity – Every Presence headset is capable of connecting to multiple devices at the same time. Monitor and manage calls from your softphone and smart devices with ease.
  • Intuitive Call Management – Your safety is the top priority. This is why Sennheiser has designed Presence UC headset with a very intuitive way of call management. To answer or end calls, all you need to do is extend or collapse the boom arm.
  • Sennheiser’s Superior Audio – Presence UC headsets feature some of the best audio solutions available. You have a number of filtering and noise cancellation technologies at your disposal, which ensure your call is crystal clear no matter where you are.
  • WindSafe Technology – The moment you step outside, the wind becomes a factor that can endanger the quality of your calls. Sennheiser has solved this issue by implementing their WindSafe technology which eliminates wind effects on your end.
  • Wearing Comfort – Sennheiser Presence UC headset supports a variety of wearing styles. You can select between numerous ear hooks, ear sleeves, and even a headband. This way Sennheiser has guaranteed a comfortable fit for every user of this Bluetooth headset.
  • Extended Talk Time – Sennheiser’s Presence UC Bluetooth headset allows for 10 hours of call time per a single charge. In order to charge your headset, all you have to do is plug it into the nearest USB enabled device.

Answer Your Calls Quickly And Effortlessly With Sennheiser Presence UC Headset

Sennheiser understands that mobile Bluetooth devices are often used while driving. This is why they have designed the Presence UC with simplicity in mind. The process of answering calls is made extremely easy and is naturally intuitive. By extending the boom arm on the headset, you can answer calls without having to search for buttons or focus on anything aside from your driving. To end calls, all you have to do is collapse the boom arm.


Stay Connected For The Entire Work Day Thanks To Sennheiser’s Extended Battery Life

The convenience of mobile Bluetooth devices is only truly available if the battery life is good enough to support long hours of use. Sennheiser Presence UC offers 10 hours of constant talk time per single charge. In the average mode of operation, you can count on staying connected for the entire day. The case that comes with the headset includes a USB charging cable among other accessories. This means that you can charge your Presence UC headset by plugging it into any nearby USB enabled device.

Select The Perfect Presence Model For Your Needs

Sennheiser Presence UC

A professional Bluetooth headset designed for those who demand utmost quality on the move.

Product No.: 504576

Sennheiser MB Pro 2 UC

Upgraded version of the Presence UC headset that is optimized for Skype For Business application.

Product No. 504575


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