Jabra Wireless Headset

Maintaining constant line of communication with your clients and associates is an imperative. However, modern office environments require a high level of mobility as well. Combining these two demands is exactly what Jabra wireless headset series was designed to do. Experience a crystal clear audio quality on the go, with an extended range and uncompromising reliability. Jabra’s wireless headsets are the result of years of experience as well as innovation. This has allowed Jabra to pinpoint the exact needs of their customers, and areas where there was room for improvement. Networking on the go – it’s possible with a Jabra’s wireless technology.

Jabra Cordless Headset In Modern Office And Call Center Environments

Jabra’s wireless design bring a lot more than just freedom of movement. This brand has designed a full range of Jabra wireless headsets which are lightweight, comfortable and geared toward uncompromising performance. Thanks to their innovative nature, Jabra wireless headsets increase productivity. Enhanced efficiency and optimized workflow are something every office and call center aim to achieve. Jabra’s line of wireless and Bluetooth headsets will help you reach new levels of performance thanks to their performance oriented design. Office environments are highly dependent on a clear line of communication. Being able to monitor your landlines as well as mobile devices at the same time is a standard feature of many Jabra wireless solutions.

Whole New Level Of Quality And Functionality

Jabra’s noise cancelling technology that spearheaded their corded segment has become an integral part of all wireless units as well. Now you can experience the perfect call clarity without being forced to remain stationary. Most of the features that have spearheaded Jabra to the top of the industry have been ported over to wireless segment as well.

Experience Ultimate Connectivity With Jabra Wireless Headsets

Modern wireless communication utilizes a number of different standards. One of Jabra’s primary missions was to provide solutions which cover the entire range of the wireless spectrum. The result of this effort is a spectrum of Jabra wireless headsets which use Bluetooth, USB wireless as well as DECT standards of communication. One thing all of these versions share is the unhindered quality of audio and reliability of call with your clients or associates.

Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Headsets For Office And Call Center Applications

Jabra Pro 900 Series

Jabra’s Pro 900 series is a low profile professional wireless headset that was designed to bring the necessary core performance to its users. This wireless headset model is meant for those users who need a cost effective solution for office environments where uncompromising call quality takes precedence over anything else.

Jabra Pro 9400

Offering compatibility with ever-evolving communications technologies is imperative for being competitive. Jabra Pro 9400 brings Jabra’s well-known core performance with the addition of increased versatility. This model allows you to connect both your land as well as soft lines to the headset, and monitor them simultaneously. Being Jabra’s flagship wireless headset, Jabra Pro 9400 features the best range of the series, making it ideal for larger offices or call centers.

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Experience absolute freedom of movement with Jabra Wireless headsets.
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